Hokay, might have another crack at blogging. :P maybe. hahaha, not that anyone will be checking here. I just want to try recording random life events etc again because I look back at my old blog posts and damn, some of them make me reaally laugh/cringe/wince haha :P

And even if they stay as drafts I’ll still be able to see them, WOW some of my drafts were so angsty!! ..hence probably why they never made it up 8) but nyes. I will keep the angst out, I swear ! Just your everyday whining here :P

Aaand just like my FB photos, you can be sure that they’ll be out of order :P

COMING SOON: Piffle’s Pad - A Culinary Tale!

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The Feel Good Drag

Holy crap I haven’t blogged in aages, but now in a ‘lull’ between exams, sorta. Next one is psych on Friday, but I’m soooo over it. I’m very scared about phys though, but ehhh I have the weekend, .. and I think knowing that will screw me over.. :P demotivate me and such haha.

BUT ANYWAYS, zomg today we nearly got CRUSHED by a HUGE falling branch !! xD I can’t believe I nearly forgot, but yeah we were just chilling under a tree in Victoria Park, and then *BAAMCRASH* next to us, a FREAKING HUGE BRANCH just like tumbled out of the tree onto the ground where we were gonna sit if it hadn’t been as damp.


I was just like D: D: for the next few minutes. HOW CLOSE TO DEATH WAS I!? haha

Sigh Monday was such a fail day, got squashed in the morning by FAT PEOPLE. geez. I sat down next to a large fellow on a three seater, with only minimal space next to me where a relatively thin person would fit, and then along comes another large fellow and SQUUISH. :( I had to lean forward for the majority of the trip to I could FIT on the seat. Grargh. But then the second guy leaned forward at some point to piuck up the comb he dropped heh, and so I quickly leant back into relatively-straight-backed bliss. Then maaan, integral calc was sooooo bad, so not even gonna think about it. Then I tried jumping down from a ledge. But I fell. and ripped my jeans in the process :( now there is a hole in the knee haha. Various other things happened but you get the gist :P

OH man and then that thunderstorm, hit us quite badly, my sister’s comp got friiied, but apparently it was the ‘sacrificial lamb’ of sorts and saved most of the rest of our electrical appliances :P Our wireless modem died, our alarm system became confuzzled, and for a while garage couldn’t be electrically operated. nyum.

Buuuut it’s all good now, some googling to fix the alarm, my sis got a new-ish computer (daaaamn, totally goes against the heirarchy I’ve come to believe exists in this family regarding electrical goods :P but my dad apparently is giving me a new hard drive yayy space. Also the computer came really quickly, came this morning ! ), and my dad’s work replaced our wireless modem. cooollz. :)

Yeeep. Should probably go back to study. :( If anyone is actually still reading this GOOD LUCK FOR EXAMS UNELSS YOU’RE DONE/NEVER HAD ANY. :)

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D: D: D:

Holy effffffffffffffffffffff I nearly got followed home by some random today D: D: WHY DO I KEEP HAVING WEIRD TRAIN EXPERIENCES.

Well today I was at Usyd until around 6, studying stupid stats (SEE STATS IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.) and being the nervous person I am I decided I’d rather take a bus to Central than walk to Redfern in the dark, thinking it would be safer -ahem-, and my friend who lives on campus decided to accompany me to Central, so all good. Get off the bus, part ways as he goes off to get dinner, I go alone to the station the above-ground way through the countrylink area thing. As I’m walking there, this random abo guy who looks like he’s had this nose sewn down in the middle and is walking next to me starts talking, saying something indistinct, and at first I didn’t realise he was talking to me. Then I looked around and realised he could only be talking to me so I asked him what he said and he said, “Getting off work?”, and I was like “nah, just finished uni.” I thought he was just trying to be friendly, and he asked me what uni I went to, and I said Usyd, and then he asked me where I lived.


I was like ………… what the. D: So I said vaguely, “oh the _____ area, so like, faaar far away hehehe..” -glance nervously around hoping to see someone I knew- So I asked him, “how about you?” And he said, “Oh, same as you !” SO yes, at this point I got a little.. ngghh.. and I tried to slow down a little and hope that he’d just walk away, but no, he stopped and waited for me. D: And kept talking to me, asking me things like, how long it took to get home and stuff. I don’t know if this was smart but I decided I’d keep replying (with vague/fake things ofc, and mainly nods and smiles D:) ‘cause I was scared he was INSANE and would try to do something if I ignored him and stuff. and then he was like, “Oh so what platform are you going to?” HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP. HOKAY GO AWAY. So I said “Oh, I really don’t know, I just look at the screen and go wherever the next train I can take comes.. …. how about you?” I was full hoping that he’d say some platform number and so I could be like, ‘oh sorry I don’t go to that platform BYE.’ But yeah, no such luck. He said “Oh the same one as you! because we live so close!” AAAAAAHHHHH. HELPME.

So I start thinking of escape routes, maybe if I look at ppl with a panicked look? I doubt anyone would actually stop, and if they did, what could they do? Go to the toilet? but then I’d be blocked in; OH MY GOSH I should’ve thought of going to a train guard person! but oh well I took the stairs down to the eddy ave exit, and then said, “Oh actually I’m meeting a friend here, so, I’m gonna go out now, it was nice talking to you!” and then I zoomed out the ticket barrier and glanced back and he was taking out his ticket too!!! So I bolted across to the stairs that lead back up to the interstate trains, looked back and made sure he couldn’t see me anymore and ran up the stairs.

So yes, I decided I’d take the tunnel way down to my platform instead of the stairs that time. geeeeeezzzz. I never thought I’d miss my sister (she’s on DoE) but I really need a hug :( and I definitely can’t tell my parents about this or else I don’t think I’d even be able to go to uni anymore ahaha xD

Did I do the right thing talking back to him? I wasn’t being overly paranoid thinking he wanted to come home with me was I?! thinking about it still. gah. well. that was freaky.

I hate stats.

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'cause it goes on and on and ooooon…

Man my sister has the best luck, I swear, yesterday she had a maths bookmark in classand it turns out the hw she thought was due on Friday was actually due yesterday. whoops. so she’s trying desperately to finish before her teacher calls her name out, thinking ‘oh I’m like near the middle of the roll, I’ll be fine’, only to hear the first name is the name right before her’s. aharharhar. So as the guy comes back to sit down, the teacher calls the next name, my sister gives up, aaaand.. the teacher calls the name AFTER hers. and then proceeds to just go down the whole roll, and then go back to the top ‘cause she skipped it for some reason, and THEN call my sister so she got to go last. what. where’s my luck.

But anyways I had the most disgusting girl next to me on the train, I got out some food hoping to be able to eat, and then she started picking her nails SO LOUDLY. I could hear her picking away even over my music bleeargh, ruined my appetite. and earlier when we were all standing when she got on the train she gave me full once over, right in front of me when I was looking at her. I gave her a wth look, and she just looked back at me, and looked slowly away, very stonered-ly. o.o creeeeepy.

But yes, finally the end of the week, and LAST PHYS PRAC (for a a few weeks) YESSSSS :D our group was sososo happy we were all jumpy and eeee ! Though I really like the group we’re with for our group project later, we all get along surprisingly well [‘cause, c’mon, I don’t usually do well in phys groups 8) ahaha] and many lols are had. mmmmmm soo sleepy, but I’ve got the urge to play piano and draw again, just as everything gets busy :( I wanna celebrate and live my life, sayin’ aaaaaaayyooooo, baby leeeeet’s gooo !

Gahh still got this song in my head ever since Monday, stupid little kid singing it over and over. Haha nah he’s cool, he’s probably my favourite student. He wants to get better, and I can see him making an effort which makes me smile, and he’s cool to talk with, he likes to talk about his life and stuff :) also went to my old primary school haha. Anyway I listened to it on my ipod basically for the whoole of yesterday, trying to get it out of my system, as I usually do with songs that get stuck in my head. Apparently doesn’t work so well. So in our maths lecture me and Anjali were listening to it, and when we walked into the newsagent afterwards GUESS WHAT SONG WAS ALSO PLAYING. It’s a sign. I don’t know what for, but it’s cmon, it’s too crazy to not be ! ahaha

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Lights Out: Every asteroid discovered in our solar system since 1980, illuminated in order of discovery.

Color markers indicate proximity of object to inner solar system: Earth Crossers = red; Earth Approachers = yellow; all others = green.


I dunno why but I found this really mesmerising ahaha. There’s this little bit in the corner that has the year and number of asteroids & I don’t think you can see it on tumblr, so you have to either watch full screen or on youtube itself.

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Chuck, Leverage style.


(via straylighting)

Chuck, Leverage style.

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Bleerrrp went to eastwood to see my optometrist this morning, my eyes have gotten so much worse than last year D: My right eye went down 0.75!! to -3.25 and my left went down 0.5 to -4.5. She put in new contacts for me and HOLY CRAP THE WORLD IS SO CLEEEAAAARRRRR. It’s so beautiful I could cry. The clarity. mmmm. I can’t stop appreciating how clear everything is. Crazy. All of today I just giggled ‘cause I’d think HO GOSH SO CLEAR and then realise how bad my sight must’ve been to appreciate the clarity now. But now I can actually see everyone’s faces, yeurgh. D: harhar jk, but yeah I’m getting new frames too, they’re plastic and blue with.. some sort of yellow-orange part. I think. heh you can see the effort that went into choosing them. But hopefully these don’t bend out of shape as much, I kept falling asleep with my old metal ones still on and so they’d get slightly bent and keep sliding down my face. Hm but these’d probably snap if I slept with them on so. yerp.

Oh aaand I left my old glasses at the optometrist 8). it’s not my fault D: she was holding them when I was picking out some new frames and she gave me new contacts to wear after examining my eyes, so in my awe of this new crazy HD world I forgot to take them back.

But nyes she gave me a couple of free coloured contacts in lieu of a (very small) discount, actually she meant to just give me normal ones but apparently they’d run out haha:

They look kinda creepy just like that in the packaging, I wonder what they look like on me though.

Then off to uni, on the train to uni today I was reading my old notes on resisted motion, mmm funtimes, for tutoring today, and suddenly Miley Cyrus’s ‘The Climb’ started blaring from somewhere behind me. o.o usually you expect dooshdoosh music yeah? of all the songs you could play in public. The half of the carriage in front of me all turned around to try and see who it was, but there were only like 4 guys behind me- a pair of hardcore looking black guys, a curry and some other dude. Well whoever it was they just repeated it for a while, and then it just stopped. hm. and I saw Claire while walking to uni, and I swear she looked me straight in the eye but totally barred me and kept walking to the station, I did the whole awkward “Oh he- -run hand through hair-” in the middle of the busy path, sigh. happened again when I got to uni haha xD

And yayy got a cryptic clue today 8D okay well not I was just watching people do it and figured out the last half of the clue for them, but still. cmon. :P excited for tomorrow, easy cryptic day :) haha

So. what’s happened recently. mm had buckyball, very fun ! and I looked very french okay. 8) Haha I borrowed a beret from Grace and bought a $12 shirt ! :O I put up pics on fb, it’s my first like full set of photos I editted with lightroom, oh wait I think I did most of the Glebe photos but mm. yeah I can’t remember xD oh gosh and I looooved the dessert, mmmm. My dad drove all the way to the city to pick me up ‘cause he was scared of me taking the train/bus home by myself x) I appreciate it very muchly ahaha. Then Jess’s bday party at eastwood ! Me and Lil were the only non-baulko people there, 8) haha but it was still good, we went to Arisan(a?), I could not stop eating the sweet and sour pork/chicken/meat of some addictive nature. yummmm. so good. and then we went to karaoke for a while, crazy lights and stuff haha. I’ve been going to parra after uni a lot recently, only or like an hour or two ‘cause of timetable restraints, science degree yknow? but yeah I just can’t do any work at home.

This is so random, but I saw this in phys and thought it was amusing, I was totally paying attention ‘cause my phys lectures are so interesting like that. but no srsly with tim bedding they are, I love him as a lecturer, I wish he’d come baack :( :

Oh man getting sleepy again, before I was on the couch waiting for my sis to get out of the shower, .. and then I fell asleep for like 2 or 3 hours, and no one thought to wake me up :(

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